The Soul Space Retreats are set in beautiful, inviting spaces to allow you to reset and reconnect.

Each retreat is specially curated to the time of year and location, taking you on a healing experience.

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Brilliant retreat in all the ways, totally exceeded my high hopes. I have never been so well rested and fed, and it was wonderful to find space for laughter and ease. Looking forward to exploring soul space, THANKYOU!!
An amazing weekend, Nicole. You should feel so proud of the wonderful retreat you created. I forgot to thank your talented chef, every bit of the food was delicious! Thank you to everyone that I met this weekend, it was lovely to connect with so many of you & I'm so glad that I jumped out of my comfort zone!
It was gorgeous. A truly unforgettable weekend. And my thighs are reminding me with every step. Thank you all. And thank you Nicole you are wonderful!
What a wonderful whirlwind of sounds, smells, yoga poses, temperatures, insects and lovely people. Thank you Nicole and everyone for making the weekend so special .

8 Day Deep
Reset: Yin Yang
Yoga Retreat

6th – 13th APRIL
South Goa, India

3 Day Yoga & Sound Weekend Retreat 

17th-19th MAY 2024
Lincolnshire, UK
Thanks so much, Nicole, for a fantastic weekend. The yoga sessions and the food were absolute highlights but I loved the yurts and even the compost loo was interesting! I really enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet you all.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful retreat Nicole. Everything was perfect and I enjoyed every minute. It was such a pleasure to spend time with all you amazing women & Ben ha!

4 Day Yoga & Sound Weekend Retreat

31st MAY - 3rd JUNE 2024 
Lincolnshire, UK

5 Day Sunshine & Sound Retreat

13th - 17th JUNE 2024 
Near Lisbon, Portugal
I’ve always quite liked the idea of a yoga retreat but they’ve often seemed unattainable and exclusive. This retreat, however was exactly what I was looking for. Nicole is a friendly, welcoming and extremely dedicated yoga teacher. The retreat is perfect for experienced yogis and beginners/ adhoc yogis like myself! There was a great balance of practices as well as time to really relax and unwind. If you’ve been thinking about a yoga retreat and you come across a Soul Space one, just book a space, you won’t regret it.
What a weekend! The location Nicole chose was absolutely gorgeous, the domes were comfortable and luxurious, and the owners were so welcoming and helpful. Don't even get me started on the food - it was absolutely amazing! The yoga practices were nice and relaxed, and the soundscape was new for me but was really relaxing. Overall, if you're looking for an opportunity to relax and reconnect, in a calming and chilled out atmosphere with great food then you need to go on a Soul Space retreat! Thank you Nicole, I had a wonderful time and left feeling re-energised!