Yoga Mentor Programme

Wooop wooop you’ve completed your Yoga Teacher Training! 

….. And now what?


Do you feel lost as a yoga teacher?

Are you a new teacher craving ongoing support? 

Has imposter syndrome set in yet now that you’re out there teaching in studios?

Feel like you’re repeating yourself with flows and getting bored?

Do you need to refine your teaching skills?

Ever wanted to create yoga events such as workshops to week long retreats in Bali?

Have you had enough of teaching multiple weekly classes to make ends meet and burning out? I know I have!

This is where The Yoga Mentor Programme steps in!

Starts 20th June!


Whether you’re fresh out of your 200-hour teacher training or feeling a bit stuck in your teaching journey, this programme is designed to meet you where you are and support you every step of the way. 

Together, we’ll explore new teaching methodologies, refine your sequencing and cueing skills, reclaim your confidence and help you to step into your full potential as a yoga teacher. 

Developing marketing and business skills can be a significant challenge for yoga teachers like you who rely on an hourly rate. The Yoga Mentor Programme will also help you to navigate the longevity for you and your yoga business through the powers of events. I will help you to add £5-20K+ of extra income each year. 


My mentoring programme isn’t just about refining your teaching techniques; it’s about empowering you to embody your authentic voice, connect with your students on a deeper level, and build a thriving yoga business that reflects your unique strengths and passions.

Who is this mentoring for?

  • Those who have recently completed their TTC
  • Teachers with less than 1 or 2 years of experience seeking extra support
  • People who are feeling a bit overwhelmed or stuck
  • Teachers who are seeking guidance to break through barriers and refine their craft
  • Yoga teachers who are passionate about continuous learning and professional development and want to better themselves as a teacher
  • Those seeking how to navigate the business aspects of yoga teaching, including marketing, branding, and workshops and retreats

You are looking for...

  • Someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track with your goals
  • Direct feedback on your classes 
  • To find your authentic teacher voice, presence and confidence
  • Questions to be answered but don’t know who to ask
  • Help with class plans
  • Ways to build confidence with your class flows and transitions to inspire your students
  • Resources for personal development and self-care
  • Progression with your career within the yoga industry and with events and retreats
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals. Connect with fellow yoga teachers, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships

Meet your Mentor

Hey I’m Nicole. With almost 9 years of experience in the yoga industry and a passion for nurturing aspiring teachers, I understand first hand the challenges and triumphs that come with stepping into the role of a yoga teacher.

I’m a 300HR Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Level 3 Reformer Pilates Teacher & Sound Healer.

At the start of my teaching career, I had a mentor, Monique, and I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am now without her support at the start of my journey. With her guidance, I’ve grown not just as a teacher but as a confident individual. Now, I’m passionate about paying it forward and supporting new teachers like you to become the best version of yourselves. 

Since then I have assisted and taught on several TTCs and I just love working with new teachers and supporting them on their journey.

Before my yoga teacher journey, I graduated from University with an Events Managements degree and worked on a vast array of events for over 11 years. With the combination of skills learnt, I want to share with you the fun, the excitement, the stress and the success of building your yoga career!


The Yoga Mentor Programme is designed to provide you with the support you need in various aspects

Advance Your Teaching Art

  • Through detailed feedback, specific exercises, and guidance, you’ll learn how to create transformative classes for your students
  • Whether you’re refining your cueing techniques or exploring advanced sequencing methods, we’ll work together to advance your teaching art
  • The Yoga Mentor Programme is dedicated to honing your teaching skills and helping you to become a confident, effective teacher

Nurture Your Foundation

  •  Starting a career as a yoga teacher is not just about mastering asanas and sequences; it’s also about nurturing your own well-being and self practice, and celebrating your wins!
  • Your own practice can get pushed to the side, so in the Yoga Mentor Programme, we’ll include a yoga or meditation practice into each session so that together we can prioritise your self care needs
  • From overcoming self-doubt to managing burnout, we’ll explore ways to keep you balanced

Empower Your Business

  • Turning your passion for yoga into a sustainable career requires more than just exceptional teaching skills—it requires some business graft and planning
  • In my programme, you’ll gain practical tools to help you navigate the business side of yoga with confidence
  • From marketing and social media management to workshop planning and retreats, I’ll equip you with the knowledge and resources to build a your thriving yoga business that aligns with your values and goals

What to expect in the Yoga Mentor Programme

  • We’ll meet on online twice a month, in a safe space where you can express challenges in class planning, teaching, share any questions, thoughts or breakthroughs
  • Each online meeting will have either a guided meditation or yoga practice
  • Detailed feedback on 3 recorded classes to enhance your teaching skills
  • Receive personalised honest, loving and constructive feedback and support on set assignments – giving you accountability
  • Guidance and answers to your burning questions: Teaching, sequencing, class plans, the business of yoga etc
  • Tasks and assignments to further your understanding of the method of teaching and assistance with creating impactful class plans to refine your teaching
  • Confidence-building exercises to help you find your authentic teacher voice
  • Supporting you to develop your yoga business; including marketing strategies, positioning you to grow and be successful and empowering you as a teacher 
  • You will get access to all of the recordings for 2 months after the programme has ended

Your investment

The Yoga Mentor Programme is a 12 week online container. It will require approx 35 hours of commitment.



The next start date is 20th June and is limited to a group of five people.


Are you ready to embark on the next step of your teaching journey?


I’m ready and waiting to support you!

Payment in Full



3x £250