Hey I'm Nicole

Plant lover, Yoga teacher, Reformer Pilates teacher, Co Founder of Heal Her Retreats, Sound Therapist & Thai Masseuse

I’ve been moving and grooving since I was in the womb as my mother was a fitness instructor for many years. Then when I was at school I competed nationally in athletics and dance competitions.

Which is when I first started practising yoga. Mainly for flexibility and procrastination during the school exam period, using my mothers VHS, but I loved the post yoga feeling back then! 

Post university, I started attending a yoga class outdoors in my local park, when I was going through a time of not knowing what I wanted to do.

Then fast forward 2 years, after a short and unhappy stint in the corporate events world, I quit my job, booked a one-way ticket to India and completed my first teacher training course in Goa in 2015.

Since then I’ve been dancing, eating, yoga-ing, sunset chasing my way around the world, exploring and teaching in India, travelling New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam; ultimately chasing the sun.

Yoga continues to teach me on a daily basis and as a teacher, I feel so blessed to be able to share this with you in person and with live yoga classes online.

I help people like you to come into the present moment, by connecting your body with your breath.

Helping you to find flow in your practice, bringing flow to your life.

Yoga is to be practised on and off the mat, ‘Who we are on the mat, is who we are off the mat.’
It helps us to practice patience, face challenges, remain calm, relax, breathe, bring flow into your life and so much more!

All the love.

I hope to connect with you soon.


200hr Ashtanga/Vinyasa Teacher
Sampoorna Yoga, India

60hr Yin Teacher
Sampoorna Yoga, India

Reformer Pilates Teacher
The Reformer Studio, UK

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapist
Satyam Sound Healing, India

Thai Massage
Sunshine Massage School, Thailand

Nicole, I really love your enery, vibrancy and warmth. You bring such a chilled out and down to earth vibe to the class."

Thank you for your classes and your extensive knowledge of yoga. You have changed us all in this short time and taken us further than we though we could go."

I love your youthful energy. Your yoga is energetic, fun and vibrant. Your knowledge is inspiring!"