Private 1-1 Classes

"Sometimes a class environment doesn’t meet everyone’s needs”

Do you need the motivation to further your yoga practice?
Improve flexibility 
Increase your energy from a new yoga routine 
Reduced stress
A healthier lifestyle! 

A private 1-1 session is optimal as it gives you the opportunity to learn and improve your technique in a more convenient and easy-going environment.

You’ll have my full, undivided attention to deepen your practice and expand your horizons. If any physical injuries or other setbacks hinder group practice, this is also the perfect opportunity to benefit from private 1-1s. 

We’ll begin with an initial phone consultation, and talk about your level of experience with yoga, any injuries or any physical limitations you may have, and what your goals are.

Maybe you’re wanting to get in better physical shape, relieve stress, or establish a solid self-care ritual in your life.

In-between your sessions, depending on what your goals are, there may be homework, no not like school homework, but more along the lines of motivating you to organise some self-practice time.

Throughout our sessions, you can ask me any yoga-related questions and let me know if there’s anything specific you want to work on or try. And again depending on your goals, I’ll be there to forward you any further info, insights into your practice.

private 1-1 classes

Let the yoga class come to you


You’ll have the opportunity to be at home, in your own space. Select the yoga equipment that you prefer. Light incense if that fits your preference. Dim the lights to your liking. It’s all about creating the space that makes you feel more comfortable and in your element. 

If you’re used to going to a studio for yoga fix, after your first private lesson, you’ll see how convenient it is to have a teacher at home. 

It means no traffic, no bad driving weather, or parking!

Let me guide you to start your yoga practice or deepen your existing practice, helping you to thrive

Client Testimonials

I love every single one of my private lessons with Nicole. We've been having 1:1 lessons at my home for a few months, and not only have I seen an improvement in my physique, I have a much broader love of yoga in general, from a fitness perspective (which is the main reason I practice) and from a mindfulness and concentration perspective. I love her style. I've managed to get to quite complex poses, which when I first started practicing yoga, felt would be impossible for me. She's always super encouraging, on my bad days as well as good days, and is generally an absolute pleasure to work with. I would 100% recommend her for anyone wanting to further their yoga ability and journey."

I started having private sessions with Nicole just over a year ago. I decided to go private as I didn't feel I was benefitting from the group class at my gym. My main aim was that I wanted to become more flexible. But the sessions have been more than that, I have learnt new meditation techniques and I have gained confidence in yoga. One of the moves I hated most in yoga, the downward dog, is now one of my favourite muscle ache relievers. Nicole is patient but also knows when to push you. I can honestly say Nicole has been a great find and I'm really glad our paths crossed! I'm looking forward to the online material and carrying on this amazing journey!"