Hey I'm Nicole

I’ve been teaching and guiding students since 2015 with over 300 hours of training. I teach mainly Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga styles, bringing Yin & Yang elements to my classes.

It’s all about balance; flowing and moving energy around the body (Yang) to moving into stillness, connecting to the stillness and the breath, being present (Yin).

I help people like you to come into the present moment, by connecting your body with your breath and helping you to find flow in your practice, bringing flow to your life.

I help to soothe your mind, body and soul through healing practices I have learnt along my travels in India & Thailand. Bringing the East to the West, because we all need a bit more woo-sah.



Practice yoga with me at home

Joining your classes has helped me get through a difficult time. I feel stronger, calmer and more relaxed. I am less stressed and find it much easier to be present and let things go. Thank you for your patience, guidance and wisdom.

I joined Nicole’s classes at the beginning of lockdown and they have been absolute life savers! Not only had my practice improved greatly (due in no small part to Nicole’s movement breakdowns and patience with my incessant questions) but I have also found peace and continuity throughout these weird old times. I have loved all the classes and can go back to whatever suits my mood when I need it.

You are a fantastic teacher and have taught me so much, especially that my practice is my own and it doesn't have to look like other people's, and that I should thank myself for showing up and giving myself the time to do yoga!

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