Wellness in the Workplace

A healthy workforce directly translates to increased productivity and decreased employee absenteeism and stress. 

Not only does it help employees become more satisfied and motivated in their work but also in their personal lives.

  • Reduced stress: Yoga reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. Less stressed employees = happy employees.
  • Increased confidence: A continuous yoga practice helps the body to become more flexible and stronger, building inner confidence.
  • Better immunity: A regular practice strengthens your immune system to clear toxins from the body. 
  • Increased focus: Yoga and meditation can help your employees to be more alert, focused and productive. 
  • Improved breathing: Yoga and meditation brings people’s attention onto their breath, learning to breathe properly.
  • Increased creativity: Yoga increases focus and concentration, making you more productive, thus increasing creativity.
  • Better flexibility: By increasing flexibility, you can learn how to apply it in other aspects of your life. You learn how to go with the flow of things and not get worked up about the little things. Situations that felt hard and inflexible do not feel so rigid anymore.

Benefits of Yoga, Stillness & Movement

  • Increased energy: Working 6-8 hours every day decreases blood circulation. Yoga increases your blood flow and helps restore energy levels.
  • Improved posture: Yoga can help to reduce stiffness and joint aches from sitting down long periods of time.
  • Increased morale: With it’s stress reduction properties, Yoga is beneficial in elevating your employees mood and helping them to keep calm in stressful situations, creating a more harmonious workplace.
  • Lesser absenteeism: Incorporating yoga once or twice a week at the workplace can significantly decrease stress and absenteeism.

I have helped 100’s of individuals to bring wellness and mindfulness into their daily lives and I want to help the employees of your company too!

I specialise in Yoga, Sound and Meditation. These are applied as ‘Live Sessions’ below (online or in person).

Live Sessions


Practicing yoga regularly can help to tackle stress related to work and personal life.

Easing physical tension to help improve mental health.


Sound meditation helps to relax the mind and the body, re-establishing a harmonious flow of energy. 

The ultimate way to relax.


Helping employees to clear their minds and feel more relaxed, decrease stress levels and increase overall productivity.

On Demand Sessions

For many people their wellness journey began in lockdown at home, and so did my online platform, The Soul Space.

The Soul Space helps to continue to encourage people to bring wellness and mindfulness into their lives around their daily schedule. 

On the On Demand platform they can weave yoga, meditation and relaxations into the start/end of their day at home and on the go, with a variety of lengths to suit. There are also meditations and breathing exercises which they can do at their desk for a midday reset.

The Soul Space is focussed on the body and the mind, and deals with everyday aches and pains and relaxations.

Most classes range from 10-30 minutes, super easy to access and that’s all you need, a little bit each day goes a long way! Learning and practising with one teacher, having one outlet of support, is really beneficial to help people grow and transform along their wellness journey with ease.


I have a range of bespoke packages to suit your company.

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