relax into sound

Sound Healing Meditation

Drop into the sound of pure relaxation and experience the healing power of Sound Healing Meditation.

Sound and vibration can work wonders to help melt away tension and leave people feeling supremely relaxed, calm and restored.

By listening to the deep and resonant tones and vibrations of the Tibetan Singing bowls and other instruments, this will help you to relax the mind and body, re-establishing a harmonious flow of energy, helping you to fall into a lovely slumber.

Each sound and vibration resonates differently from one person to the next.

Every person is different and will have a different experience from each sound bath. Some may have the auditory experience, while others can fall asleep or shift into altered states of consciousness.

Sound baths can improve mental focus, concentration, relaxation and overall self-balance.


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Wow. That was so beautiful. Drifted into many different lands. It was a lovely, seamless experience.

Thank you for last nights sound meditation, its not something I've ever done before. I found the experience deeply relaxing, I was just a head and lungs at one point as I lost all sensation in my arms and legs! This is something I would definitely like to try again. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new.

Wow, thank you so much. I’m normally rubbish at anything that’s yoga, relaxation or meditation but this was out of this world. You’re a star and have made my day! I wasn’t sure what to expect but It was so lovely, calming, warm feeling and relaxing.