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Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior

What is Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior?
Jiva – means individual soul.       Mukti – means liberation.      Jivamukti – liberation whilst living. 
The Spiritual Warrior is a 1-hour well-rounded comprehensive yoga class that transforms, invigorates and energises, while at the same time grounding and leading the student inward on an exploration of the deeper spiritual aspects of the self. 
Explore this wonderful set sequence asana practice, led by the breath, with time for meditation and deep rest in savasana.
Class dates:
Classes resuming after the summer xx
£5-£8 (for fellow yoga teachers, NHS workers, or anyone who would like to practice yoga but is financially stretched)
OR: £8-£12
Please self assess.
Thank you & see you on the mat xx