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The Soul Space Monthly Membership
3 days for free then £20 / Month
This membership includes
Access to all The Soul Space content
2 Hour Monthly Masterclass
The Soul Space Monthly Membership & Live Classes
£35 / Month
This membership includes
Access to all The Soul Space content
2 Hour Monthly Masterclass
A free pass to all my weekly live online classes
Access to my other monthly workshops; Full Moon Sound Baths etc

Learn to connect your mind, body, and soul.

Your mind is the most powerful muscle in your body! It is where ALL the other muscles get their information. I will teach you how to listen to your body, so that you can be in alignment with what you actually need. 

What keeps me coming back to my practice?

The mind-body connection.

Release stress, tension, and negative emotions from the body through the power of the breath, stillness and movement.

The mind-body connection will make you LOVE coming back to your mat.


Ever experienced the post yoga buzz; a feeling of contentment, a quieter mind with a sense of ease and flow. This sense of calm, and peace, and not letting anything or anyone control, you.

Yoga is a great tool that helps people realise their potential, it brings people into the present, builds mental and physical strength and connection and it encourages them to treat themselves with kindness and spread this out into the world.

Yoga brings you back to your true self.

“When we get caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another - and ourselves"

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I'm really enjoying your classes on The Soul Space. Always love your flows and love the varied length of the classes. There's always one to suit!

I'm honestly obsessed! It just fits so well with my schedule and you give so much variety!

The Soul Space is fab! I have managed to do a yoga/pilates workout most days as its convenient and really easy to use! There is lots of variety and its really good value for money! My favourite class is the Yoga HIIT as you can get a good stretch, raise your heart rate and feel the burn all in 15 mins. No excuse not to do one!


Four Yoga flows

Two Meditations

One Pranayama

One Relaxation

One Workout (Yoga HIIT / Pilates)

One Movement Breakdown

A Two hour Monthly Masterclass for all members (GMT time zone)

Access to the archive of all classes since the start

Bonus: Access to a Facebook group with over 85 recorded yoga classes 

Why join The Soul Space?

If you have the desire to create more time for yourself, your growth, your wellbeing; whether that is becoming more aware of your breath on and off the mat, right up to building strength and flow, welcome to The Soul Space.

New classes uploaded every month so you won’t get bored

Develop a connection between your mind and body in your practice; developing this connection into your everyday life

Enjoy unique classes building inner strength, staying healthy, relaxing the mind and the body

Let yoga, meditation and mindfulness transform your body, mind and soul

Say goodbye to stress and hello to calm

Thank you so much for such a beautiful Masterclass practice. I'm pretty new to yoga, but I've achieved so many new things and I can't thank you enough!

I’ve loved all your Masterclasses and really enjoying choosing other classes to do at a time and date to suit me (although maybe didn’t love the HIIT one so much haha). It’s fantastic to finish off the weekend with a lovely calming yin class from you. Thank you!


Will I have restricted access to videos?

As a member you get access to all the videos available on the platform and in the Facebook Group from the start of The Soul Space.

Is it free to cancel?

I’ll be sad for you to go, but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Maybe you’ll come back at a later date!

Do I need any equipment?

You’ll mainly just need a mat. If you have a yoga block and blanket, always have them handy and if you have a bolster, great, if not a few cushions can do the trick!


As long as you have an internet connection you can join and log in via your laptop, tablet or phone, from anywhere in the world! You have to send me a pic if you’re near the beach though! FOMO!