An online wellbeing space to help you relax, find stillness, stretch, move the body, de stress and connect to yourself.

"Soul to Soul, I just wanna see you glow"

Membership Types

What's included?

Soul Flow

🤍 Fun and flowy VINYASA FLOWS
🤍 MOVEMENT BREAKDOWNS to teach you more about postures

Soul Stretch

🤍 Slower and grounding SLOW FLOWS
🤍 Creating stillness & awareness with YIN practices

Soul Rests

🤍 Let me ease you into a calm slumber with a variety of Sound Baths & Yoga Nidra’s

Soul Connects

🤍A variety of MEDITATIONS to help find what style suits you best
🤍 Learn how to breathe properly with BREATHWORK practices

Soul Moves

🤍 Short, energising YOGA HIIT to get those muscles fired up
🤍 PILATES compliments your yoga practice building strength in the whole body

Why join The Soul Space?

If you have the desire to create more time for yourself, your growth, your wellbeing; whether that is becoming more aware of your breath on and off the mat, right up to building strength and flow, welcome to The Soul Space.
Let your practice transform your body, mind and soul.
Say goodbye to stress and hello to calm.

Raise your vibration

Everything is energy, and that energy is continuously in motion. You can probably tell when you’re feeling low and high, feeling great and then not so great.
Thoughts, emotions, choices, and actions all contribute to our vibrational state, as do the environments we surround ourselves in. 
We reach higher vibrational levels when we are balanced, healthy, and fulfilling our potential.
Yoga, Stillness & Movement leaves us feeling joyous, appreciative, loving, a little calmer, which all in all, raises our vibration.
When we feel good, balanced and aligned, we have reached a higher vibrational state.
So, welcome to The Soul Space, what are you waiting for? 


Will I have restricted access to videos?

As a member you get access to all the videos available on the platform.

Is it free to cancel?

I’ll be sad for you to go, but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Maybe you’ll come back at a later date!

Do I need any equipment?

You’ll mainly just need a mat. If you have a yoga block and blanket, always have them handy and if you have a bolster, great, if not a few cushions can do the trick, especially for Yin yoga.

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

As long as you have an internet connection you can join and log in via your laptop, tablet or phone, from anywhere in the world! You have to send me a pic if you’re near the beach though! FOMO!