Monthly Masterclasses

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Yin & Yang

A gentle Yin & Yang practice incorporating a slow flow with some gentle yin postures to seal our practice. A full body practice.


This month we met up in person and practiced outdoors! So nice to practice with you in nature 🙂
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Yin & Yang

A nourishing Yin & Yang practice to slow down, take a deep breath, and give yourself a chance to soften into your body.
Expect a slow flow guiding into a yin practice to bring you into relaxation and stillness.
Ahhhhhh and breathe.
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Flip Upside Down

To invert, it simply means to have the heart higher than the head.

Inversions are energising and help to lift your mood! They strengthen many muscle groups (my arms get a hella strong when I amp up my crow and headstand practice)

They stimulate brain function, helping the aging brain and increase immunity, re-energising your lymphatic system

Have FUN!

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Open Your Heart

We must learn to love ourselves before we can love others. Filling up our own cup, before we help fill others.

This Vinyasa practice is full of backbends to open your chest and heart space.

You’re only as young as your spine so let’s get bending and explore!

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January 2021

Be Mindful

Starting off the year by cultivating stillness.

This masterclass consists of a Yin & Restorative practice. 

Props needed:

Blankets, blocks, cushions and bolsters. If you don’t have a bolster or block use cushions.

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Yogalates Fusion

Finishing off the year with a workshop to sit in appreciation of the present moment and your body!

This practice consists of a guided meditation, yoga and pilates fusion, closing with a guided body scan to relax.

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Rest & Restore

Have you taken time out for yourself recently?

This practice consists of a gentle yoga flow, Yin yoga, Nidra, sealing it off with a sound bath.

Get your comfy clothes on, blankets and cushions, and give yourself the much-needed stretch, connection, and rest!

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Reconnect To You

As we move into Autumn, a new season, a new kind of energy of slowing down and grounding, it’s time to nourish yourself!

We will honour this in this months masterclass.

Beginning with a meditation and journalling exercise to set intentions, to manifest what we want to bring into our lives, before flowing into a grounding moon flow to honour the New Moon!

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Yin Yang

Balance Your Energy with my Yin & Yang practice.

We’ll be focussing on breathwork, meditation, combining Vinyasa Flow & Yin styles of yoga, closing with a guided meditation/Nidra drifting you off into a relaxing savasana.

Bringing all the principles of yoga together in one practice.

Yang energy/yoga is heat building and masculine, Yin energy/yoga is cooling, relaxing and feminine and together in this practice we’ll be exploring them both, bringing them into alignment

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August 2020

This workshop will rebalance your mind, body and soul, by focusing on breath work, meditation, vinyasa flow, yoga Nidra and a relaxing savasana…

Bringing all the principles of yoga together in one practice!