6 Ways to create a yoga space at home

Missing your yoga studio?

Me too.

But we must make the most of this situation! The good thing is, we’re all in this together.

Sometimes practising at home can be quite distracting, maybe you notice the floor needs cleaning, or you spot that cobweb on the ceiling. Let that all go and create your zen space, a space to get away from the news, people chatting about the news on social media, and enter your calming zone.

Some people normally prefer to practice yoga at home whilst some people prefer to practice at a yoga studio. Right now, we don’t have a choice but to practice at home, so I wanted to share a few tips with you, to get the most out of your home studio.

    1. Find a quiet space, that’s ideally free from clutter, or move it all over to one side of the room, out of the way.
    2. Light some candles, burn some incense or pop some essential oils in your diffuser. Set the mood by turning off the main light and pop the lamp on instead.
    3. Put some music on of your choice, as most classes will be led with no music, as sometimes the sound of music doesn’t transfer well through online recording.
    4. Do you have house plants, or maybe some flowers? Pop them into your space, bring some outdoors, indoors.
    5. Have you got any crystals, seashells, or anything else that you consider calming, grab those too.
    6. Then last but not least, roll out your mat, grab some cushions and blankets to have at the ready. Have you got yoga blocks, if not a few books will do the job!

Grab your phone or laptop, find me live on Instagram & Facebook at nicolewindleyoga or join my Zoom classes for £5 here.

Happy practising! We can do this 🙂 

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